Streetlight Banners

Adams Morgan looks a little more colorful, as new banners designed by local artist Rebecca Williams have gone up throughout the neighborhood. The Adams Morgan Partnership partnered with local creative agency Maga Design to create a new visual identity for the neighborhood in 2018, then commissioned Williams to create original art building upon this new “look.” The new identity is visible around the neighborhood, from bus shelters to street pole banners, in shops and online.

The subjects of the banner artwork were adapted from local photography, as well as iconic figures that have impacted the culture of the community.

“Music Is Our Language”

This banner features Ian MacKaye, lead singer of the 80’s punk rock band, Fugazi, and resident of nearby Mt. Pleasant. The band is a local treasure who originally played at an Adams Morgan house. Fugazi and MacKaye continue to draw international fanfare and have made an everlasting mark on the neighborhood’s music scene.

“The Possibilities Are Endless”

The banner features a painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (Ambassadeurs Aristide Bruant, 1897). The subject of this painting can be found in the the mural above BUL on 18th Street. Additionally, the keyboard is in reference to the lively music scene, and finally, the little girl is in celebration of the strength of families in our neighborhood.

“Relax and Stay Awhile”

A calming reminder to slow down amidst the frenetic energy of life. The yoga subject stands in front of prominent bike stands seen on many corners in the neighborhood.

“Live Your Truth”

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg remains Rebecca’s favorite muse. When considering Adams Morgan’s wonderfully diverse community, the artist features RBG as a reminder of the neighborhood’s ongoing commitment to equality, social justice and activism. RBG is accompanied by the iconic Madam’s Organ mural. When invited to the launch event for the banner installation, RBG wrote, “My compliments to the artist,” and requested a banner to hang in her chambers!

“Savor the Moment”

Enjoying a sweet, frozen treat on a warm summer evening in Adams Morgan is a familiar experience for those living in the community. Walking down 18th Street NW or Columbia Road NW, neighbors and visitors have an abundance of restaurant, cocktail, and dessert options. Food is another treasured way for friends to come together and taste the spirit of Adams Morgan.

“Unity in Diversity”

In the early 1970s, the grassroots Adams Morgan Organization adopted the motto “Unity in Diversity,” recognizing some 40 ethnic groups residing in Adams Morgan. The motto is an enduring understanding that our differences actually enrich human interactions, promoting harmony and diverse cultures in a wonderfully eclectic neighborhood. The art features the iconic rowhouse architecture found throughout the community, as well as photo images of groups of friends.