History of the BID

The Adams Morgan Partnership was formed in 2005 pursuant to the District of Columbia Business Improvement Districts Act of 1996, which was amended in 1997. BIDs have been effective in providing services that improve the overall viability of urban commercial areas, resulting in higher property values and higher business sales.

A BID is a defined commercial area in which property owners have agreed to assess themselves a fee in order to provide services supplemental to those provided by the City to enhance the public environment, to increase competitiveness, and to assure the area’s economic viability in the future. Once a BID has been formed, every property owner and every tenant within the boundaries becomes a member. There are more than a 2,500 BIDs across North America alone, and they are increasing worldwide.

Twelve BIDs operate in Washington, D.C. (link to DC BID Council website here) and have been widely regarded as efficient and successful organizations that bridge the gap between the public and private sectors.